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Do you remember your last meeting with a potential client? Do you remember how you were choosing the "perfect" tie/shirt? How were you practicing "the perfect" speech? 

Well, your website meets the potential clients for your business every day, every hour, every minute. The website is a face of your business online.  The First impression is so important - it's something that makes us stay and explore more, and even purchace a product or a service.

What impression do you provide to Your potential clients online?

At lecreati we create sites with porpouse, sites that a targeting your perfect client.

All our sites are:


  • Strategicaly designed

    Each site is designed to support the brand and guide the visitor to perform tasks, that help to achieve goals for your business (subscribe, purchase, contact etc.).

  • Easy to use Page Builder

    Page Builder helps you to add new pages and update content on your site in no time

  • Mobile ready

    Your site will look great on any device of any size

  • Loads fast*

    Research has shown that 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. We make sure that it's not happening to your site

    *Please, be sure to use a specialized WordPress Hosting (it should not be shared!) and keep in mind more images = more time load.

  • Search Engine Optimised

    To make sure your target audience can find you through search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing 



"Neiman Marcus Group — which owns Last Call, Bergdorf Goodman, and mytheresa.com — reported its fiscal Q3 2017  results on Tuesday, revealing an uptick in online purchases (a little over 2% YoY , accounting for 32% of total sales) . " - Business Insider, E-commerce was a lone bright spot for Neiman Marcus in a dismal quarter


Online shopping is the fastest growing industry. To have a physical store not enough anymore. People buying more often online all around the world - use this opportunity to grow your business.

To help your shop to succeed we make sure that all ingredients are in place:


  • Extensibility

    For your store to scale and support all growing inventory.

  • Ease checkout process

    Poorly planned or designed checkout process can lead to disappointed customers.

  • Marketing Automation

    Make sure that you existing customers get back and the new customer never forgets about his purchase in the cart.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is all about nurturing not selling. We avoid the hard-sell approach in favor of content that is personalized, relevant and aligns with what your customers and prospects are looking for. And what’s even better, by implementing a marketing automation, this process gets a whole lot easier. 

The ultimate goal with your marketing is to generate more revenue for your company. To accomplish this, you need to drive traffic to our website, convert that traffic into leads and close those leads into customers. Where marketing automation really makes an impact is the conversion and closure stages of this process.

  • Marketing Funnels

    Each stage of Marketing funnel is an opportunity for you to connect with a potential buyer and give him a unified and integrated experience that results not just in a customer, but in a brand advocate.

  • Zoho One Setup & Tutoring

    Zoho One is a business software that connects all the parts of the business: sales, marketing, accounting, and support teams. It's very beneficial for small and medium businesses. But our favorite part of Zoho One is marketing tools that include CRM, Mail Automation and Social media management software.

  • Email Marketing

    With email marketing, we will build a better communication between you and your customers and generate new leads.

  • Conversion Optimisation

    We will start from structured and systematic approach to improving the performance of your website and take the traffic you already have to make the most of it

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